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About Us – Hindi Shayari Dilse

Hello everyone!! This is Anupama, a simple girl with much simpler thoughts.
Writing is something that has always attracted me.
I do believe that a writer is someone who simply holds his emotions in his fingers and beautifully expresses them on paper through a pen.
To translate your feelings, your emotions into words is an art, and I am glad that I am blessed with it.
This page is just the reflection of my thoughts which I would love to share with you all. The content on this page is solely written by me and only me.
Please do visit my page i.e. hindishayaridilse.in for my shayaries, poetries, and my thoughts.
And yes, please don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions in the comment box as this will help me to improve and write even better.
Thank you all for your precious time and support.
Keep Smiling!!